• Will Google desktop twitter result have effect on Twitter?

    By addone , 29 September 2015

    The relation of Google and Twitter is not new. Google, a few months back, began to include relevant and current tweets with search results. This action is particularly for mobile phone. Recently, Google has announced that in future it will include the similar results on desktop search results, too Which will effect on your web design.

    Advantages for mobile users

    Mobile users in SingaporeAs a mobile user, the integration of Twitter with desktop search engine of Google, you can find dissimilar outcomes according to your search. For instance, you are searching an individual; this will take you the most recent tweets of the individual. However, if you search a general topic such as Wall Street then you will see tweets from other users that are talking about Wall Street as well as tweets from the official Wall Street account.

    English users globally

    Google had started, in desktop search results, experimenting with displaying content (tweets) from Twitter, during June. However, in May Google had started to exhibit Tweets in mobile in search results. In the next step, it will start showing on desktop in all English language searches.

    English users globallyGoogle also disclosed that it had planned rolling out to all English users internationally. This is not different from mobile search results. In the main column of the search results, in a carousel, Google will display Tweets. When Google will have a belief that the tweets are relevant, it will show them. To see the results, there is no requirement to have a Twitter account.

    Relevancy and ranking

    For showing Tweets in the organic search, currently, there is no advertising component. Google has also confirmed that behind these results of Twitter the ranking and relevancy will continue improving and evolving when the process will be matured.

    Advantages to Twitter

    Social Media has a great future and this move to work along with Google will save the future of Twitter. Likewise, it will bring, from Twitter to Google SEO search queries, fresh commentary, and content. Right now, Twitter has 316 million users. However, the growth rate of Twitter is slower as compare to other social media platforms.

    advantage of twitterDue to growth of users and retention, and controversy over poor advertising Twitter has been unable to progress faster. Clearly, Twitter will have chance to expand its territory due to this deal with Google search results. Due to the exhibition of the tweets in the search results, people will compel to sign up with Twitter.