• What we can expect from the slowest panda roll out

    By addone , 21 September 2015

    In mid of July, Google announced pushing out a Panda refresh (4.2). At that time and after that people have many questions regarding difference of the current and previous Panda refreshes. However, we cannot describe how this roll out will affect us because it will take several months.

    What is innovative with the new Panda refresh?

    Though previously Google takes a few days but this roll out has been the slowest ever. According to Google sources, it was not done on purposes to confuse webmasters or SEOs, due to some technical reasons this was initiated.

    google-panda-roll-outFurther Google elaborated that gradual rolling out of Panda and continuous transformation is the matter of shifting of its infrastructure policy. This is clearly, incorporates all with their core ranking algorithms. Though the team of Google is still far from that goal but they will achieve it soon. The Panda roll out is the first step towards this direction.

    Is this mean some of the pages will drop but not all?

    Definitely, it is true. During the roll out, Panda may exhibit an effect if some of the pages have been hit. It would happen because of very sluggish page-by-page roll out.

    Do people think that Panda was Site-Wide?

    According to Google, though Panda is a Site-Wide action, yet, within a site, it may not affect all the web design and pages, similarly. However, some pages may feel the suffering effect more than other pages. Panda is one of the 200+ search ranking signals. Hence, apart from Panda, many factors are involved in changing position of a site. For instance, other page-level signals may not observe a crucial drop of your site while Panda hits it.

    What is the sign that a site has been escaped from Panda?

    Even if Panda 4.2 update has hit a site, it would feel the affect after many months after finishing the complete roll out. Now, the site will have to wait for the next Google update, which is likely to come about in 2016. The present update also has taken around one year to happen.

    Google has mentioned prior that change is more continuous (though it is not real-time) because Google’s direction is to integrate Panda with core ranking algorithm. Continuous Panda changes will occur and publisher will observe Google’s actions. However, the next possible change will be possible in 2016.

    Last but not the least

    Google will hit the SEO world repeatedly. You should not be afraid of these repeated changes (if you are not practicing wrongly). All of these changes occur when Google observes something wrong within its system or within SEO world.