• Tips to Boost Your SEO Through Twitter

    By addone , 07 October 2015

    To integrate the search and social results, Google and Bing have been working constantly because social media has become hugely popular and to ignore it is not easy. Though SEO experts focus on various social media platforms but today the most popular micro blogging platform is Twitter.

    SEODue to Twitter’s popularity, it can enhance and boost your SEO efforts. You can develop your online reputation, and brand if your tweets are topical and focused. However, you should not tweet vaguely as it can harm your reputation and brand. Moreover, it is just waste of time and efforts.

    Below are some tips that you may consider while tweeting which will help in your SEO campaign.

    Your Brand Name

    Your brand name is important; so, it must reflect the name of your site because through your posts, re-tweeted, and network it will be displayed. If your post obtains more re-tweets then its significance is obvious. You should keep in mind this fact in your SEO activities.

    Hash Tags

    Twitter offers hash tags feature. It is similar to Meta data. For instance, posts with ‘#’ symbol such as #development or #web are hash tags. In Twitter, hash tags aid in organizing tweets and trending information. Expert SEO people never forget the importance of hash tags.


    In SERPs, Google has started displaying tweets (though nofollow is still there). If you place your links on your posts, this will boost link building activities for wider web presence. Your SEO strategy should combine effective keywords with your links. If you want to make the most of your exposure, keywords, and contents, you can post your links many times continuously or with intervals.


    In Twitter, if you require mentioning the users then you will have to put before the usernames the symbol ‘@.’ It has the power of re-tweet. So in your SEO tactics do not forget to use ‘@’ before the usernames.


    You should ask your SEO expert to place the link of your website on the page of your profile. Your profile provides essential information. So take advantage of it by connecting it to your website. The link to a relevant page will improve your conversion rates.


    When you re-tweet to other relevant posts that are similar to your field or industry, you strengthen your brand too.

    Last words

    If you use, as a marketing tool Twitter, it would be immensely beneficial but without perfect association with SEO, this could be futile. Though changing in SEO algorithm can hinder to go along with best practices yet your business would be able to obtain better search rankings.