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    By addone , 03 March 2015

    In order to decide whether to employ the services of a SEO company or a SEO freelancer, you first need to fully understand the process and maintenance of SEO. SEO maintenance requires a lot of effort and energy. SEO does not just stop when your website goes live. It requires follow-up action after that for an extended period. SEO is a rather extensive process that will require constant supervision, keeping tabs on of all the optimisation efforts. Monthly analyses are required to ensure that SEO is optimised in the right manner.

    BannerMany companies, especially SMEs, often do not fully understand the importance of SEO and the benefits it brings in the long run. SEO can be considered the foundation for businesses that wish to gain online exposure, ranking and even visibility. SEO is also the cheaper alternative as compared to other online marketing strategies. It is almost impossible to emerge top on search engines without SEO.

    However, due to budget constraints, SMEs often overlook SEO as a viable option. Even if they do engage in SEO, they would usually gun for the cheapest source available without stopping to consider the quality of these cheap services and if they are able deliver concrete results.

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    SEO services can be engaged either through an established SEO company or a professional SEO freelancer. Both options can be engaged on an ad-hoc basis, and the cheaper alternative will definitely be to engage a professional SEO freelancer. However, before you decide to go for the cheaper alternative, here are some essentials you should consider before deciding what’s best the future of your business.

    Pros and Cons:

    The algorithm updates by Google to ensure the quality of the websites are extensive, and these updates need to be constantly tracked to ensure that the SEO strategies adopted do not violate the algorithm restrictions. A SEO company will have the resources and team committed to track these updates on regular basis. A freelancer operates alone, and he or she might not be able to keep regular checks on these updates while having to focus on all other aspects of SEO at the same time.

    SEO comprises different areas, such as content writing, on-page and off-page optimisation, index optimisation, user behaviour, etc. A SEO company will have enough resources to hire specialists to focus on each area. A freelancer, however, has to cover all aspects SEO personally. The skills needed for each area are vastly different as well. For example, the skills needed for content writing is not transferable to index optimisation. If the freelancer is more specialised at the technical aspects of SEO instead of, say, content writing, the content quality delivered might cause your SEO campaign to suffer. Hence, the quality of work produced by a SEO company would definitely be better than the work produced solely by an individual.

    SEO also involves a lot of tedious back-end work, such as linking, keyword research, monthly analyses and reports, etc., all of which are very time-consuming. A freelancer might not be efficient enough to complete all these tasks on time on a daily basis. Even if he or she is able to do so, the quality of the reports and analyses might be compromised. Again, a SEO company would have sufficient resources to make certain all work can be completed on time.

    There are certain risks to hiring a freelancer as well. For example, in cases whereby the freelancer falls ill or sustain injuries that render him immobile temporarily, your SEO campaign will be suspended during the period as well. SEO is an on-going process, hence if the process stops for an extended period of time, your ranking might suffer. SEO companies, on the other hand, will always have extra manpower to take over the process if such incidents do happen.

    Budget constraints differentiate a SEO company from a freelancer as well. A freelancer might not have the financial capability to purchase professional SEO tools. Instead, they rely on free tools. The tools might not be as accurate and reliable as the professional ones. SEO companies will definitely be equipped with the latest and most updated SEO tools, since they are, after all, specialists in this area.

    In conclusion, before you decide on the future of your SEO campaign, weigh the pros and cons of these factors. If you are only concerned about the cost, then you might want to consider hiring a SEO freelance professional. They are definitely cheaper as compared to SEO companies. However, do bear in mind that the overall quality of your SEO campaign might be compromised in the long run. If you choose to go for the services provided by a SEO company, be prepared to fork out more. However, you can also expect highly professional work quality with different specialists focusing on the different areas.