• Mobile Updates – What we are expecting from Google

    By addone , 08 September 2015

    In recent announcements, Google has made it crystal clear that “mobile friendliness” of websites has become a significant factor for SEO on mobile searches. Google is no longer interested in presenting text that is:

    • Way too small to be read on mobile phones
    • Clicking on just a single link which is close to impossible
    • Where one has to pinch, scroll and zoom in order to view content using a mobile phone

    What Google is looking for is presentation of websites that are mobile friendly and apps that are able to:

    • Avoid software not easily accessible on mobile such as flash
    • Use text that is easily readable without need for zooming
    • Size content such that users are not forced to zoom or scroll horizontally
    • Place links that are far apart such that it is easy to tap the desired one with ease

    Among the pertinent issues addressed by Google’s new update, SEO is the concern of single pages and layout. This is attributed to the fact that its own search engine is not complex. As such, it relies on URLs, linking and content identification. Additionally, there are requirements of schema and such kind of optimization needs for websites to fire up text editor, add and tinker with code CMS theme.

    SEO-Services-singaporeRequirements set by Google

    The new requirements set by Google fall into the criteria highlighted below:

    • Speed with which pages are loaded
    • Dynamic serving of web pages
    • Keeping resources easily crawlable through avoiding robot.txt use
    • Deep links for apps-accessible content only

    HTML Knowledge

    AlignWhether one likes it or not, they must have HTML knowledge in order to be at par with the expectations set by Google. Anyone without this knowledge should hire someone with the knowledge to do it on their website. CSS sheet that has HTML code is page text that can best be deciphered by an expert.

    Google also expects that schema friendly code should be entered appropriately and this requires knowledge as well. Simple mistakes such as use of an opening <center> and not closing it with </center> tag could lead to errors in a website page or theme.

    Ranking and New Mobile Google SEO

    In terms of design, Google does not offer any clues. There are questions on whether mobile sites are supposed to conform to page layout requirements as is the case with desktop websites. While this is not yet clear, content must be crawled. This translates to every link on a website having some content that is mobile friendly and if not, it transcends to poor SEO ranking.

    It is also expected that Google will penalize faulty links; therefore, website owners must pay close attention to the manner in which their website responds to mobile users. This is a huge change for SEO ranking as we know it.