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    By addone , 27 October 2015

    A new local search algorithm was introduced by Google on July 24. This dramatic update has shaken the world of local SEO. This new update has modified and changed some local results regarding handling and interpreting location cues. According to Google, Pigeon has developed faster ties between core algorithm(s) and local algorithm.

    Google Web Search and Google Maps Search’s Search Results

    To search through Google Maps and to search through Google generally provide very dissimilar results. However, after the rollout of Pigeon, the scenario has changed. Now, the algorithm can connect map search and web search more cohesively.

    Traditional Web Ranking Signals and Local Results

    The new Pigeon algorithm that has been initiated after the revised local results are not different from Google’s web search page rankings. According to the report of Search Engine Land’s report, the current update can associate standard web ranking signals and local results more closely.

    Into the web search capabilities of a site, the new local search algorithm ties deeper; hence, hundreds of ranking signals are leveraged. Moreover, it is comprised of compelling features such as Google’s Knowledge Graph, and spelling correction capabilities.

    For Yelp-Specific Queries, this Update Provides More Precise Results

    However, Yelp, in mid 2014, could not agree with this change because in its search results, it disregarded the major local review. Yelp blamed that Google was just caring about its own reviews. For instance, if the searcher, specifically, asked ‘Yelp’ in his/her query, Google pushed its own reviews. However, Pigeon has resolved this issue with Yelp by putting Yelp’s queries ahead of Google’s queries.

    To Other Local Directories, Greater Search Results Recognition

    Apart from Yelp, other sites such as Kayak, Zagat, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Urbanspoon etc are getting boost in local review, after the release of Pigeon update. Hence, they receive now, within the search results, higher visibility.

    The Local Search Algorithm

    Google has released many updates since its inception but the local search algorithm is the biggest local search update so far. This change also affected One-box, Local Pack, and Carousel.

    Improvements in Distance and Location Ranking Parameters

    This new update has also improved the distance and location ranking parameters. Though the description of ‘distance and location parameters’ is still unclear, yet, at least we can assume that it is about ‘dense neighborhoods’ or ‘informal space.’

    Neighborhoods or informal spaces, in the local search data world, are recognized as the sign of ‘no standard boundaries.’ Hence, for everyone, the starting and finishing point of neighborhood will be different. Google was puzzled how to make neighborhood concept right. However, after Pigeon update, the algorithm has become more precise.


    Pigeon update may be great for you because it can push local search forward. Still, the growth of your business will tell how it has been affected by the change.

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