• How Facebook “Add a Link” can help Online Businesses

    By addone , 22 May 2015

    The significance of social networks in digital marketing today is no longer a matter of debate. All businesses must have a strong social media strategy backing all other efforts. To date, Facebook remains the most influential social media network for the following reasons:

    • Has an average of 1.23 B active subscribers monthly
    • Has 1.26 B users to date, and growing
    • Mobile active users average 945M monthly
    • In the USA, daily active users average 128 M

    Commonly, online businesses as well as other businesses with an online presence open business pages for their business. Active users are then invited to ‘like’ the page which increases the number of followers or ‘fans’ that the page has. For each fan, new information posted by the business will appear in their news feed on their homepages.

    facebook-add-a-linkIf the business posts something interesting or share-worthy, subscribers have the option of sharing those posts which means that the post will appear in the homepages of everyone within their networks. This is how information spreads on Facebook.

    Every business page has the option of adding a link about the business in the description section of the page. An online business should add all relevant links relating to the business in this section. This includes the official website and any affiliate websites like the corporate blog (if on another site).

    Sharing important business information

    In addition to the relevant links relating to your page, your business page gives you a chance to tell the public and your followers particulars of your business – name, details of address and contact information among other things. You should include a brief description of your services with appropriate links connecting to the relevant pages on your website.

    Not only does this guide all interested parties to your website, it also improves your social media signals when users follow those links back to your page. This improves both traffic to your site and your ranking on Google and other search engine SERPs.

    Links on your posts

    Not only does Facebook allow you to add links to your business page, you can also post relevant links every time you update your status. This means that the links will be seen in your followers’ newsfeeds, making it easier for interested parties to follow back to the information on your site.

    You can include links of new posts you have added to your blog, valuable information for consumers within your social networks, information relating to your business from time to time. This ensures that you remain at the foremost of the minds of your consumers. In addition, it fortifies your web presence, which is important to gain better SEO rankings from SERPS.


    Online businesses should take advantage of every opportunity to include links whenever they post on Facebook, since this increases traffic, improves social signals to Google and other SERPs and fortifies the linking structure of the website for better performance on Google.