• Do conversions depends upon your website design

    By addone , 15 September 2015

    The conversion rate is the most important element of any online business. Higher conversion rates show good business prospective. Most importantly, your website design can affect your conversion rate positively or negatively. For a landing page or a large website, the rules of good website design always remain similar. The optimization of the following is significant for improving conversions and they must be kept in focus at the time of website designing.

    Strengthening Usability

    The design factors, which can influence the conversion, are friendliness and intuitiveness of your website. If your website is comprised of easy handling features then it has good usability. With the intended website’s utility, the usability features may differ. For facilitating navigation on an ecommerce website, elaborate drop down menus are necessary but they are not required on a landing page.

    Web design project diagram with computer keyboard and pencil

    The first few seconds of a visitor’s visit are important to develop positive or negative opinion. The websites of your competitors can help you to deduce good usability ideas. You can test these ideas on your website.

    Conversion-centric design characteristic

    Some design characteristics can directly influence conversion. Visitors will be forced or motivated for taking action according to your desire, when you enhance these characteristics.

    On vital piece of information and most significant elements, use large headings. By maintaining font hierarchy, you show the importance and nature of the content.

    Without cluttering the page, put the significant elements above the fold. It is a common practice that you should place above the fold website’s elements such as social media links, call to action, sign-up forms, a search bar, navigation buttons, and social proof.

    Loading Time

    On a slow-loading website, visitors do not stay very long. Even the most attractive content cannot hold them on such sites; therefore, your website should load faster which is good for seo as well. You can improve the loading time, by combining multiple style-sheets and scripts into one. Prefer CSS on images, use buttons, and background colors etc. Do not use Flash.

    The relation of conversion and typography

    Your website is a mean to communicate with your audience. Generally, when you talk rough and impolite, people avoid talking to you again. Similarly, on the website, you can ruin your business by using wrong colors, visuals, white spaces, buttons, lines, arrows, text, and images.

    Dissatisfied Customers

    Customers those are dissatisfied, with the performance of your website, talk about it and very soon, everybody knows about your website; therefore, try to make happy your customers. A delighted customer is an asset and has great potential for positive advertising. A simple click working, easy to find content and smooth transactions can make them happy.


    Conclusively, conversion rate is the most important part of all your efforts. The conversion rate tells you about the designing and optimization of your website.