• 5 Hottest E-commerce Trends in 2015 | Top3 Media

    By addone , 17 March 2015

    We’re coming closer to the end of the first quarter of 2015, and if you haven’t optimized your e-commerce website to meet the current e-commerce trends, you may be denying yourself tons of revenue. Below is a list of the trends that have begun and are likely to take precedence in the e-commerce world this year. Read them, learn them and use them to your advantage.

    1. International online purchase events

    Black Friday was last year’s biggest online import event – 404, 835 on that day alone, thanks to the Christmas shopping rush. Even though inherently American, we can expect Black Friday and other like events to hit the retail calendars this year, which means as an online business, you have to find a way to stand out from the competition.

    international-online-purchase-eventsAnother example is the Single’s Day in China when all the singles use online retail therapy to spoil themselves, which thanks to China’s population saw the biggest explosion of web retail purchase in China – bigger than Cyber Monday and Black Friday put together.

    1. Personalization

    It’s been said time and again that personalization is the next big thing, but we think it has yet to achieve its full potential. Consumers round the world are shaping up their preferences in brands as well as increasing their demand for individualized products. This year opened up with Coca Cola’s campaign to have people’s names on their soda bottles and cans in several countries, and we can expect it to only go higher.

    PersonalizationFor a realer customer experience and explosive sales, you may want to consider ways you can personalize your products and follow it up with an explosive e-marketing strategy to take full advantage of it.

    1. Data-driven marketing

    If you have a huge database of customer data you’re not sure how to use, sit tight. Last year, less than half of e-commerce retailers reported making any use of big data, but this is changing this year. With big data, you can track customer journeys and get insights into preferences, personalities and shopping habits.

    data-driven-marketingWith the deeper understanding it brings, e-commerce retailers can transform their marketing campaigns to improve personalization hence efficacy, two qualities that could turn around the revenues earned from e-commerce. Skillful marketers with data mining skills will be highly demanded for as more businesses tap into big data to establish their own consumer trends.

    1. Innovative payment schemes

    Thanks to the growing impatience of consumers, e-commerce retailers will have to streamline their buying processes or risk losing consumers to brands that offer better (read, easier and faster) processing and delivery. If you can offer an advanced shopping experience, from your selection process down to payment and shipping, you’ll win big this 2015.

    innovative-payment-schemesSolutions to reduce verification time for credit cards began to emerge last year, and more technologies are coming in to make the process entirely hassle-free.

    1. Direct mail

    It doesn’t sound so new, but direct mail may likely make a comeback this year. Email has made the once popular ‘snail mail’ almost obsolete, but there are companies for which direct mail is still pivotal. Email has become too easy and retailers will need to come up with a scheme to reach out to clients in a more personal way, one that takes more effort – enter direct mailing.