• 5 Common Local SEO Singapore Mistakes and How to Ensure You are Not Making Them

    By addone , 13 October 2015

    Some SEO companies make some common mistakes. Though they have spent decades in SEO business, yet they forget some common rules sometimes. However, you can avoid these 5 mistakes:

    1. Making your anchor text filthy rich
    2. Ignoring internal pages
    3. Trying to be extra fast in link building
    4. Never giving importance to links but focusing content
    5. Neglecting using meta description and title tags

    Mismanagement in link equity

    SEO Singapore claims that Links are the brain of SEO and on-site SEO is the heart of it. Definitely, your link profile provides a strong base to your domain credibility to stand among search engine searches. So link equity mismanagement is a potential mistake. If you let die off pages with link equity, your pages will be the victim of 404 error code. This happens, when you redesign a site and consolidate pages but do not adequately redirect these pages. Not only the crawling search engine is unable passing through from your linking site but also the user is unable to do so. Hence, link equity cannot pass through as well.

    Mismanagement in Exclusions

    The second mistake that SEO Singapore makes is negligence of elimination. The content that we require to rank for must be shown to search engine. But, many SEO experts neglect the fact and include, on pages, Meta Robots no-index. When you do not want search engine to see site page in staging, then in the page source Head section, you employ Meta Robots exclusion. But the removal of this tag is not remembered, when the page rolls through production. Because of this no-index exclusion, from the indices of search engines, these pages are removed.

    webmasterPages with Meta Robots.tag are not easy to find. You should use tools such as Screaming Frog to do this job. Moreover, you can get help from your account of Google Webmaster Tools at Fetch and Googlebot section. It can spot invisible pages. In addition, to evaluate errors, review the Robot txt Tester.


    imagesWebmaster does not help search engines regarding importance of on-site pages and does not provide information about site elements. So, to help search engines, you need to provide sitemaps apart from helping them understanding your focus and content of your site. You can tell about the following elements through Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools:

    • In search results, the ability for the demotion of site-links
    • Perimeters for exclusion
    • Indication about your targeted country
    • Uploading of sitemaps for understanding number of being indexed pages
    • To inform Google about your events, products etc, incorporating Data Highlighter information
    • The ability to understand regarding schema markup validity and error freeness

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