• The Great impact of Content, Colors, Spacing and Typography of Web Design Singapore on the Viewer’s

    By addone , 26 February 2015

    The best website design consists of better arrangements of contents that make it look good. Website affects good or bad feelings on users. Therefore, it is very important to design content. Thus, the command on a various website design elements opens a new ways to affect the mood of website visitors.

    content-colors-spacing-typographyThere are four main parts of website design which has a great effect on the psychology of visitors.

    1 – Content:

    Web content is the method to create an interesting architecture of website which attracts the most website visitors.

    There are basically two types of web contents.

    1 – Text

    2 – Multimedia


    It is the written part of a website. It gives the information about the website owner, conveys the purpose of website, gives the specific information, content information etc.

    Text should be comprehensive and to the point and provide good interval links to provide readers more information.

    Most people on internet search for information not for web design. So, if you have sufficient information in text content, they will get their required information and feel satisfied by having a good affect of your website on their mood. As a result, they will again visit your website whenever they require the specific information relating to the site.


    It consists of animations, pictures, voice, video clips.


    We can create animation by using animation tools. You can show the demonstration of your product by using animation. It is an interesting method which may attract many visitors.


    Another way to affect the users, you may add pictures to your website.


    You may use sound or MP3 Clips in your website. These sounds provide the important information or knowledge about your product or purpose to customers or viewers. So they easily understand and face no irritation.


    Another source of information. We can upload videos on our website which shows the real use of our product or real life experience about the specific field.

    2 – Space:

    Space provides a vital role when we organize a website contents. Spacing between the different website contents makes the complexity lower. Users feel no burden on his eyes because he may easily differentiate between different contents. It increases the understanding of user and make your site more user friendly.

    3 – Colors:

    Colors affect on customers emotions. So you should use those colors which left good affects on reader’s mood so that he likes our website and visit it again and again. There are three refreshing colors:

    1- Blue – It makes you cool and strong and relax your mood. It also increases the creativity.

    2- Green – It is the color of nature and gives comfort to the eyes. It eliminates stress.

    3- Purple – It shows the richness. It enhances the ability of piousness and thinking.

    Hot colors are yellow, orange, red and Black.

    4- Typography:

    Typography can increase the visibility of your website text. By using different writing style and font size, we can affect on the customers behavior. They can easily read the text. By making the important points in a bold style. So that the viewers grasp the information more rapidly by saving their precious time.

    Typefaces also use for many specific purposes. There are important elements of Typography:

    1- Typing Style

    2- Font Size

    3- Length of Line

    4- Spacing between letters

    Therefore, the text which has a good typing style, reasonable font size and better spacing capture the reader’s attention but if you neglect the importance of typography, you may make the reader get rid of your website for having difficulty in reading and understanding.