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About Top3 Media will actively manage your Pay Per Click Campaigns to ensure that you are maximising your advertising budget and optimising your ROI.
With Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, viewer traffic worldwide is diverted to your website by way of improved visibility; resulting in increased sales leads and an optimised ROI for your business. What happens in PPC is that a small ad is placed on a search engine's search results page when users search for a specific keyword - in return for a specific payment when a user actually clicks on the ad.
This payment amount that the advertiser has agreed to or bid for is only incurred when a user actually clicks on the ad and is taken to the advertiser's website. In this regard, PPC is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to heighten the exposure of your URL.

We Do It
Step 1: First-Time Consultation

An in-depth analysis of your business, market sector and trends will be conducted as we try to understand what you do, your goals and PPC advertising budget.

Step 2: Understanding of Expectations

We then define your expected ROIs, determine your reporting requirements by understanding your measurement metrics and establish your initial PPC budget.

Step 3: Creative Execution

After researching on industry/business-specific keywords/phrases, we will start working on writing the PPC advertisement copy and creating the appropriate landing pages.

Step 4: Campaign Launch

Once they are ready, we then upload the keywords/phrases chosen together with the advertisement, keep monitoring their performance using Google's online tools and track your ROIs.

Step 5: Regular Management

To maintain your PPC advertisement's performance, we will constantly analyse results and adjust/fine-tune keyword bids whenever appropriate generating reports periodically for your scrutiny.


In short,

Due to the fact that search engines have the power to connect customers to businesses the world over, PPC can give your company the extra edge by drawing attention to what you have to offer.
PPC is also one of the most financially savvy ways of putting your company on top of search engines by letting you budget your spending based on the target of website visitors you set.

With PPC, you get to:

  • See instant results from your advertising in the form of clicks, sales or leads.
  • Target your potential customers by location, language or search keywords.
  • Minimise your costs by setting daily or monthly budgets/expenditure limits.
  • Control, track and monitor your campaign performances so you can take suitable actions accordingly

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