• How redesigning your Website may Cost you

    By addone , 11 September 2015

    Website redesigning fulfills many purposes and goals. When you redesign your website, you must have the following compelling reasons:

    • You feel, your competitors’ website are great in functionality and their design is more modern
    • The new web technology is fascinating and you do not want to miss its advantages
    • Sales is going down because your target audience has changed
    • You want to communicate the changes of your business to your customers/clients or audience

    A complex task requires more spending

    But you cannot achieve all the goals without spending too much. You need to compare the cost of website redesign with the advantages of redesign.

    redesign-websiteAdvantages of website redesign

    • The cost of website redesigning will seem less when you will evaluate the advantages of new features. Your old website does not have the current, flexible, and powerful functionality features
    • During redesign, the down time is not a problem because at the time of redesign progress, your current website will run smoothly
    • If you do not want to reinvent the wheel, repurpose your content
    • According to your previous design elements and themes, you can use a style and brand guide for your new website
    • New design and functionality will improve the strength of your brand
    • You can use knowledge and accumulated information regarding your customers and their behavior, during the redesigning process

    Important factors for the estimation

    Though the exact cost estimation is not possible, but the following factors can help you to determine random cost estimation:

    • The time and urgency of redesigning
    • The functionality of ecommerce shopping cart
    • Do you require a new CMS
    • The website’s number of pages

    Difference between new website and website redesigning

    The cost of new brand website and website redesigning are similar approximately; however, different changes regarding integration, copy writing, major development etc can affect the estimation.

    Why pay the high price

    A website redesign without ecommerce functionality and new development and less number of pages requires a few hundred dollars. The complexity of the redesign such as an ecommerce website with countless pages and products can cost you thousands of dollars because you require shifting to a brand new CMS.

    The end story

    The website redesigning has many facets. You cannot rely on only one. You will have to consider everything proportionally. Do not miss anything!