• How online businesses SEO will get affected from this NANO seconds time change

    By addone , 17 September 2015

    The Earth will gain a NANO second. Dubbed as the leap second, this seemingly innocuous change has the ability to play havoc.

    Let’s say you’re a simple online SEO or web design business trying to deliver SEO services to your clients, this change could impact you in a variety of ways.

    Crashing Your Website

    What people forget is we gained an extra second in 2012, as well. It caused major problems at that time, including:

    • Airport ticketing was disabled.
    • Clocks went awry.
    • Scientific calculation became irrelevant because one minute suddenly had 61 seconds.

    One unintended consequence is websites crashed. All websites run using a simple calendar and a simple clock. It isn’t made to take into account the extra second, so when this extra second is added on, it’s unable to cope.

    This could destroy your online business by causing major downtime. It’s best to be aware that you may have to perform maintenance well in advance.

    SEO-Services-singapore Ruining the SEO Schedule

    If we go back to our SEO company schedule, we’ll see that they will be running SEO campaigns. These are often automated. The software knows when to run a process because it uses a clock and a calendar.

    Again, there’s no way to take this extra second into account. If it crashes the software, automated processes won’t occur when they should.

    In the best case scenario, it could only mean a slight time change. An extra second here reverberates all the way to the other end of the process. In the end, you’re not only gaining seconds, you’re gaining minutes.

    Lost Revenue

    Unfortunate consequences of downtime and disrupted schedules are a major loss of revenue.

    Everyone knows if your website is unavailable at any time you risk turning clients away. People also know that Google take a dim view on websites with prolonged downtime.

    It may only be a NANO second, but it could translate into thousands of dollars lost.

    One industry that will suffer is the FOREX trading industry. Lightning fast traders rely on every second. A single lost or gained second could make or break a trade.

    You can prepare for this change, however, and any future changes.

    Prepare for any potential software problems and have an idea in mind as to how to fix it. Learn from the 2012 incident because this is essentially the same thing. If you can do that, you should have no problems keeping your head when everyone else is losing theirs.