• 5 Responsive web design benefits to generate leads in Singapore

    By addone , 18 February 2015

    It is located in southeastern Asia, islands, between Malaysia and Indonesia. Its population is 5.47 million and has literacy rate of 96%.it is the 3rd country in the per capita GDP in the world. It is the developed country and has highly developed trade-oriented market economy. It has high quality of facilities regarding education, health, life and political requirements. Peoples are very busy in their daily routine of life as Singapore becomes a developed country. So, we should consider these information and also society and cultural aspects before choosing most appropriate and beneficent web designs for Singapore.

    responsive web design1. Responsive web design: it is the method to create web design which is compatible for pc, tablet and cell phone. This universal ability of responsive web design makes it rapidly increasing web design among the users. They feel no difference while using internet on pc or cell phone. So, these web designs are user friendly as there is no restriction for hardware. It is the need of everyone now a day as daily life is very busy.

    2. Surfing: Now a day, time has become a most precious item for us. There is no time to use pc for long time to grasp required information from internet. This enhance the use of internet on a cell phone as someone says”necessity is the mother of invention”. now, we are using internet on mobiles which is available 24hrs with us. it is easy to use surfing or scrolling of web page than clicking.

    3. Color consideration: colors have traditionally attached to us, so the use of colors in a web design has greater effect on users as they are belong to different cultures. In Singapore, white and black colors are mourning colors so these colors are the symbol of sorrows , we should not use these colors while making a web design. The use of red pink and yellow are the most appropriate because these are the colors of happiness. Therefore, these colors make long lasting fresh effects and make it user friendly.

    4. Language: in Singapore, there are four national languages, English, mandarin, Malay and Tamil. English is the most preferable language for business. So English is the first choice for web page language. As, there are 77% of Singapore population consist of Chinese, we can make the Chinese version as it becomes the most favorite site in Singapore.

    5. Typography: the focus on cryptography as main heading of topic or the essence of a paragraph is more visible by using font style or font size. This may catch rapid attention of viewer. It saves the time and makes a quick response of viewer towards the collection of wanted information and make it user friendly.


    By considering the above data, we can make a difference in web designing in Singapore in 2015 because this information is based on the traditional and cultural behavior of the citizens of Singapore.